Jeruzalem Design Week

Via Binarii

For the Jerusalem Design Week -themed EAST- Unfold tapped into the online network of ceramic 3D printers it spearheaded 10 years ago in order to create a line of makers around the world traveling from East to West. For Via Binarii, the teapot is the starting point. Drawing inspiration from the historic trade routes that delivered goods & knowledge from the exotic east, we trace the origins of the teapot traveling from China to England and continue this story in a contemporary age. 
Seven participants received the digital design from the person who lives East from them and after appropriating, had sent this design to the maker West of him. Like a chain letter, a line of teapots arose that are digitally connected around the world, a full circle that ended back at Unfold's own studio.

-Keith Simpson (Alfred NY, USA)
 Ronald Rael & Virginia San Fratello (SF, USA)
 Kamm Kai Yu, Tzu-Yi Lu & Zhao-Wei Liu (Taiwan)
-Emre Can (Eskisehir, Turkey)
 Claire Warnier & Dries Verbruggen (Belgium)

You can read all the individual stories on our Instagram page UnfoldAntwerp#viabinarii or Via Binarii story


June 13th 2019
Historic teapots-CN, NL, UK
fig. 01

Historic teapots

Teapot-by Jonathan Keep, UK
fig. 02

by Jonathan Keep, UK

Set of teapots-by Jonathan Keep, UK
fig. 03

Set of teapots
by Jonathan Keep, UK

'Weaver' teapot-by Keith Simpson, US
fig. 04

'Weaver' teapot
by Keith Simpson, US

Teapot lid detail-by Keith Simpson, US
fig. 05

Teapot lid detail
by Keith Simpson, US

Micaceous clay teapot-by Emerging Objects, US
fig. 06

Micaceous clay teapot
by Emerging Objects, US

wood fired teapot by-FabCraft, TW
fig. 07

wood fired teapot by
FabCraft, TW

'Clash' teapot by-Bauman, Dover-& Ohaly, IL
fig. 08

'Clash' teapot by
Bauman, Dover
& Ohaly, IL

'Seljuk' teapot-by Emre Can, TR
fig. 09

'Seljuk' teapot
by Emre Can, TR

Non planar teapot-by Unfold
fig. 10

Non planar teapot
by Unfold

Jonathan Keep printing
fig. 11

Jonathan Keep printing

Jonathan Keep finishing
fig. 12

Jonathan Keep finishing

Keith Simpson-printed pots
fig. 13

Keith Simpson
printed pots

In progress-Bauman, Dover & Ohaly
fig. 14

In progress
Bauman, Dover & Ohaly