Ceramic 3d Printing

From knife to hammer to 3d printer, the influence of tools on a design is not to be underestimated. Yet for a long time the instruments of production were closed systems. This is now changing. Following the personal computer and a range of digital advances, the advent of the personal fabricator has provoked a revival of the idea of “making your own things.” There is a new species of design, semi-industrial craft, and although the definition of craft often refers to work by hand, in this context it reflects a renewed interest in building knowledge through repetition and practice of a skilled trade using the aid of tools.


December 12th 2009
Form language-experiments
fig. 01

Form language

Original printer in-l'Artisan Électronique
fig. 02

Original printer in
l'Artisan Électronique

Cups and extruder
fig. 03

Cups and extruder

Experiments at-Alfred University
fig. 04

Experiments at
Alfred University

Gcode Stacker-with Tim Knapen
fig. 05

Gcode Stacker
with Tim Knapen

Printing-intersecting lines
fig. 06

intersecting lines

Printing Artefacts-of a new history
fig. 07

Printing Artefacts
of a new history

Artefacts-of a new history
fig. 08

of a new history

Artefacts-of a new history
fig. 09

of a new history

Cups waiting for firing
fig. 10

Cups waiting for firing

Claystruder 1.1
fig. 11

Claystruder 1.1

Claystruder 1.5
fig. 12

Claystruder 1.5

Claystruder 2.0, based-on Ttsallo's Moineau
fig. 13

Claystruder 2.0, based
on Ttsallo's Moineau