The Real Thing, by Tanya Harrod

The Real Thing by Tanya Harrod, is a collection of essays on making that together provide a timely and comprehensive reflection on its personalities, histories and debates. Unfold is very honored that Tanya Harrod chose one of our photographs (by Kristof Vrancken) for the cover of a book that represent 30 years of her writing.

About the book: "Over thirty years, Tanya Harrod has written on craft for newspapers, magazines, and journals. As these essays show, there are no boundaries in her vision: art is considered in the light of craft, and craft in the light of art; design is present too – developing and sometimes separating from craft and art. In part these essays document the development of these shifts, looking always at the particular, vivid embodiment. The real thing is a surprising and substantial contribution to the literature of ‘making’.
Tanya Harrod’s subjects range from the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth to the poetic objects-in-landscape of Ian Hamilton Finlay, from the science fiction of Philip K. Dick to the theories of Richard Sennett, from Welsh quarry slates to the fine art of icing cakes, from the ceramics of Pablo Picasso to the still lives of Gwyn Hanssen Pigott."

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January 1st 2015
Cover of The Real Thing
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Cover of The Real Thing

Cover Spread-Back & Front
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Cover Spread
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