Playful Post Digital Culture Symposium

The digital revolution is over, the big ‘bit rush’ has passed, now we live in a post-digital era. Whether something is analogue or digital does not matter anymore. Digital and interactive are everywhere. Playing is a serious thing and meanwhile the digital migrates from the virtual reality to the objects around us. Along with MU and TU/e, STRP Festival will discuss the many forms of post digital culture.
Speaker: Dries Verbruggen 
Dries Verbruggen studied at the the Design Academy Eindhoven. He is a multidisciplinary creator in fields ranging from interior, design and arts to architecture and video. Verbruggen is one of the co-curators of the MU exhibition After the Bit Rush. Design in a Post Digital Age.
The symposium was organized by:
STRP Festival,
Video production:
Chok Wah Man
Ruud Terhaag
Lex Van Dop
Jeroen Koopman


November 25th 2011