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'Hey Social Media Judge'

De Orde van Vlaamse Balies (Flemish Bar Association) wants to draw attention to one of the most important foundations of our democratic legal system, namely that every citizen is always entitled to defence by an independent lawyer. To succeed, Creative Agency FamousGrey devised a campaign on Facebook. This holds up a mirror to the Belgians and literally and figuratively gives a face to the comments on social media: the Social Media Judge.

In online videos, the 3D-printed artificial "intelligent" judge confronts the defendants in a confrontational way and relies on what people write on social media.

The brief for Unfold was to design and produce a classically inspired bust of a judge, with integrated electronics and speakers. To make the judge's character more dynamic, we've added extra animatronics like LED screens integrated behind the surface of the 3d printed bust that display animated eyes, a mechanical mouth that is synchronised to the speech, and a cloud of LED-lid social media icons in the judge's beard.


September 28th 2019

Social Media Judge
fig. 01

Social Media Judge

fig. 02
Live at the debate
fig. 03

Live at the debate

3D print detail
fig. 04

3D print detail

Film shoot at-Palace of Justice, Antwerp
fig. 05

Film shoot at
Palace of Justice, Antwerp

fig. 06