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A Combmaker's Tale

In A Combmaker’s Tale we follow the story of two passionate makers and wonder what we can learn from them. Antun Penezić, 82, is Croatia’s last living combmaker and he will retire this year without a successor. Franka, a brand-new robot, is dedicated to follow in his footsteps and learn as much as it can from Antun in order to preserve this age-old craft from disappearing.

The two are the protagonists in a tale that questions humankind’s relation with both crafts and technology, a tale that challenges its audience to reconsider their assumptions. Do we need to preserve an age-old craft? When is something ‘hand’ made? Why do we value labour intensive hand-made objects, but not the labour involved? Why do we fear robots taking over our work if there is so much work that nobody is interested in pursuing? 

While Antun’s oral history is documentary, his robot apprentice is fiction. For now… 

Written and directed by Unfold and Alexandre Humbert 
With Antun Penezić, Mara Danica Penezić and Franka
Music Composition by Arnaud Pujol

commissioned by MADE IN Platform for Contemporary Crafts—Design Production

With the generous support of Franka Emika, Flanders - State of the ArtCreative Industry Fund NLNetherlands Embassy in ZagrebCreative Europe Programme of the European Union


February 17th 2020
Antun's workshop
fig. 01

Antun's workshop

Cutting teeth
fig. 02

Cutting teeth

Mara Danica & Antun
fig. 03

Mara Danica & Antun

Craft historian-Tanya Harrod
fig. 04

Craft historian
Tanya Harrod

Prof. mathematics-Ann Dooms
fig. 05

Prof. mathematics
Ann Dooms

Prof. robotica-Bram Vanderborght
fig. 06

Prof. robotica
Bram Vanderborght

Designer/maker-Gareth Neal
fig. 07

Gareth Neal