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HABITAT: festival of spatial imagination

As of 05 June 2010 spatial imagination will have full reign in the Luchtbal district. For a month the location-specific project HABITAT will alight in the neighbourhood, consisting of exhibitions, readings, guided tours, local dishes.


National and international artists will occupy eight apartments in an empty apartment block on Manchesterlaan, using the vacant spaces to create their own interpretation of the concept of ‘living’. The eight artists will be the last inhabitants of the building before the entire district is subjected to comprehensive renovations. The HABITAT project is an initiative of Middelheimproductie, the Luchtbal cultural centre and the urban regeneration team Programma’s voor Stad in Verandering and is headed by guest curator Bruno Herzeele.

The social housing on Manchesterlaan, in the little-known yet highly socially and architecturally varied area of Luchtbal in Antwerp, is soon to make way for brand new social housing. It is an important step that will breathe new life into the district and regenerate the quality of life of the area. Under the supervisory eye of curator Bruno Herzeele, Middelheimproductie, the Luchtbal cultural centre and the urban regeneration team Programma’s voor Stad in Verandering have turned this comprehensive regeneration into a gigantic neighbourhood party - HABITAT.


The eight artists that will convert the empty building into their own playground are:

complizen Planungsbüro (D) - Anthony Kleinepier & TTTVo (NL) - Mattonoffice (D/NL) - Office for Subversive Architecture (UK/D) - Hanneke Paauwe (B/NL) - Bart Prinsen (B) - Unfold (B/NL) - Rob Voerman (NL)



Unfold's Installation Felis Domesticus originated from the wallpaper found in their temporary apartments child's room which featured cats and cat stickers, and so the story unfolds. Cats are very attached to their habitat and even return to a previous habitat. In Felis Domesticus (Latin for domestic cat) the roll between host and guest is reversed, visitors are guest in a giant cats habitat.

The Installation consists of five rooms: The child's room where you can find traces of the girls cat collection. In the master bedroom you will find a giant 3.5 meter felt cat sleeping, visitors can sit on the cats lap for one time (sweet revenge). The bathroom has a small video projection of a cat drinking from the dripping tap. In the main room stands a table with a child's suitcase, inside there is a scale model of the room you are standing in and on the bottom a video of a cat playing with wool, the wool extends into the room and forms a text. The last room contains remains of the cats diner, lasercut porcelain skeletons of birds and mice.


Many thanks to DS Non Woven for sponsoring the biodegradable PLA felt.

Photography by Unfold & Sven Van Baarle


Habitat: Felis Domesticus




Middelheim Museum / Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal

Giant cat
Cat wallpaper
Cat in bath movie
animal skelletons
Unfolded cat poster
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