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Artefacts of a New History

Herbert Read stated in 1936 that ‘The real problem is not to adapt machine production to the aesthetics of handicraft, but to think out new aesthetic standards for new methods of production.’

The limited edition Artefacts of a New History (2016) is a collector box featuring nine different intricate ceramic 3d prints produced using Unfold’s finest printing capabilities. The collection resembles a set of artefacts like those you might find in a natural history museum, on one hand they look ancient, like fossils, but on closer inspection they reveal their strange technical nature…


April 22nd 2016
Artefacts of a-New History
fig. 01

Artefacts of a
New History

Complete set-in collectors box
fig. 02

Complete set
in collectors box

Stacking Artefacts
fig. 03

Stacking Artefacts

Original 2011 prints
fig. 04

Original 2011 prints